Your Moon Sign: The Doorway To Your Inner World

No matter what you might think about Astrology, everyone knows their Zodiac sign. We’ve all read a horoscope from an old magazine. But your Sun sign only tells one part of the story. Within your birth chart, you actually have every planet in the Solar System. 

And the Moon is one of the most important planets in Astrology. It can reveal a lot about you.

Like a night light illuminating the darkest hours in the sky, the Moon reflects the light of the sun. It represents your inner world, the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of yourself. While the Sun shines brightly for all the world to see, the Moon symbolizes the more private and hidden parts of your personality. 

From the vantage point of Earth, the Sun and Moon are almost the exact same size in diameter. Because of this, the Moon is one of the only celestial bodies in the solar system that experiences a total eclipse. The Sun & The Moon symbolize the dualities of the Universe – light and dark, yin and yang, daylight and night time, public and private. Cosmic coincidence or fated synchronicity? I’ll leave that up to you. 

“moon” by fsse8info is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Moon Rules Your Emotions & Unconscious Reactions

The Sun is predictable: it rises and sets everyday. But the Moon is constantly moving and changing in the sky. One night it’s a waxing crescent. Two weeks later, it’s a Full Moon. At 28 days, the Moon has the fastest cycle of any celestial body in the sky – and it only spends a breezy 3 days in each Zodiac sign. 

This is why the Moon is associated with your emotions and instinctive reactions. It’s movement is variable and unpredictable, just like your inner emotional world.

The Moon is also closely related to your instincts and unconscious reactions, because it deals with the things that slip past the material world. Think of your gut feelings and emotional intuition: this is all ruled by your Moon. 

The Moon Symbolizes Nurturing 

Because it’s so closely associated with emotions, the Moon also rules your vulnerabilities and deep sensitivities. How were you nurtured as a child? And how do you nurture yourself now? What do you do to feel safe and secure? 

It’s important that we create a safe space to care for our deepest vulnerabilities and emotional needs. Look to your moon sign to see what kinds of self-care practices will help you nurture these needs. Where Air Moons may want to talk through their feelings, an Earth Moon might need some quiet space to reflect. A Fire Moon needs to move through their emotions physically, and a Water Moon may benefit from a regular meditation practice. 

The Moon & Your Love Life 

The Moon plays an important role in your love life and closest relationships. When you start a new relationship, you’re opening yourself up emotionally to your partner – showing them your most intimate self. And relationships are one of the most vulnerable places we can be.

Because the Moon rules your instinctive reactions and your most private self, it’s influence on your relationships goes deep. This is why the Moon sign is often the first thing astrologers interpret when they’re looking at compatibility. Learning more about your own Moon sign can help you understand how you act in your relationships. 

While your Sun sign symbolizes who you are to your core, the Moon is always operating under the surface. Hidden in the darkness, the most private and intimate part of your personality. Exploring your own Moon sign is like a doorway to your inner world: crack it open and see what you find.

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