5 Reasons You Should Get A Birth Chart Reading

I’ll never forget my first birth chart reading. 

So much in my life felt uncertain. I had questions about my career and my talents, my purpose in life.

On a whim, I sent my birth information out to an Astrologer, and we set up a meeting. For a full hour, she took me through the intricacies of my birth chart, carefully explaining what each planet and aspect meant in my life. And, for the first time in a long time, I felt seen. 

Somehow, using only my birth time and birth place, she was able to tell me more about myself than some people who’d known me for years. 

Although I didn’t understand it, in that moment I knew: Astrology carries some kind of magic, and a birth chart reading is the first step to unlocking it. 

Your Birth Chart Can Reveal A Lot About You

If you’ve never done a birth chart reading before, you might not know what to expect. The Astrologer will pull your natal chart – a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. You’ll learn all about the planets and astrological influences that make up your birth chart. 

Astrology is an incredibly complex language, made up of planets, Zodiac signs, houses and aspects. Your Astrologer will help you interpret these planetary influences, revealing certain themes and narratives in your life. 

You get the chance to explore your personal story through the lens of the cosmos – past, present and future. 

“Star Trail – 1” by cknara is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Here are 5 Benefits of Getting a Birth Chart Reading 

1. You’ll learn more about your skills & natural abilities 

During a birth chart reading, your Astrologer will help you understand the natural cycles, strengths and weaknesses that exist within your birth chart. The skills you can naturally develop, as well as the areas for improvement in your life. 

If you’ve got questions about your career and your natural talents, a birth chart reading may help give you some clarity. 

Are you a naturally outgoing person who thrives in leadership roles? Or maybe you’re a creative soul with a deep empathy for others. Whatever the case, your reading will help clarify your natural skills. You’ll learn about the experiences that will develop your abilities and make you a stronger person. 

2. You’ll identify areas for self growth 

If you’re committed to self reflection and personal growth, an Astrology reading can greatly benefit you. Learn more about the intricacies of your birth chart so you can understand how these traits might manifest in your life. 

One of the best things about astrology is that it encourages you to look honestly at yourself – it’s a practice in self-awareness. An Astrologer can help you identify areas where you may be stuck in repeated patterns of behaviour, so you can start making positive changes and live the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

3. Understand how you act in relationships 

Have questions about love or compatibility? Your Astrologer can take a look at your Moon, Venus and Mars signs to help you understand more about your relationships, both romantic and platonic. Plus, they can tell you what your ideal partner might look like. 

4. You can start to uncover your soul purpose 

A birth chart reading can also explore your North Node, which represents the karmic, spiritual and soul lessons that we’re supposed to explore in this lifetime. 

Growing towards your North Node requires stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking old habits that no longer serve you. An Astrologer can help you uncover the major themes of your North Node – and how these themes may relate to your purpose in this lifetime. 

5. It’s a lot of fun

Seriously, who doesn’t love to learn more about themselves and their place in the world? 

Not only is a birth chart reading an incredible tool for exploring questions of career, relationships, and soul purpose – it’s also a lot of fun.

You’ll leave an astrology reading with a whole lot of interesting information, and a new way to think about your world and the way you interact with it. Armed with the wisdom of the cosmos, you can work towards living your most purposeful and authentic life.

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