Self-Care For Your Moon Sign: Part 1 (Aries-Virgo)

While the Sun symbolizes our outward, goal-oriented expression, the Moon seeks to make us feel safe and emotionally secure. We can’t achieve our goals if we don’t have a safe emotional foundation. Nurturing our Moon is like parenting our own inner child, so that we can show up fully as our highest selves.

The Moon is a key to our emotional health and ultimate fulfillment. Here are some tips to help you understand the needs of your Moon sign — and nurture yourself through acts of self-care.

Aries Moon 

Heart of the Warrior 

Mars-Ruled, Aries Moon signs find comfort through exploring the unknown. They jump into action readily and fearlessly… often without thinking first.

Aries Moons need to find outlets to channel their fiery energy. Sports and physical activity are non-negotiable for an Aries Moon. You need to get out of your comfort zone to find a sense of adventure and independence.

As the Cardinal Fire sign, Aries Moons can build up energy quickly, and burn it out even faster. This can sometimes lead to emotional outbursts if you haven’t been working with your excessive energy in a healthy, productive way.

Be cautious of your energy reserves, make time to move your body, and find activities that help you channel your natural competitiveness and courage. 

Taurus Moon

Heart of the Sensualist

The Moon is exalted in the steady, sensual sign of Taurus. All of the Moons’ functions (ruling our emotional reactions, biological processes, and physical needs) are carefully tended to in the sign of Taurus.

With this lunar placement, self-care comes naturally to you. You are drawn to the things that please the senses — a walk through nature, drawing a warm bubble bath after a long day, drinking a delicious herbal tea.

Indulgences are like second-nature to you. When it comes to self-care rituals, lean in to the things that make you feel comforted and secure. Just be careful not to pamper yourself too much.

With a Moon in Taurus, there can be a tendency to overindulge. Notice when you’re nurturing your senses, and be mindful of your love for the finer things. Life is full of pleasures for you to experience, but the greatest gift of all is letting go and enjoying the present moment.

Gemini Moon 

Heart of the Storyteller

For a Gemini Moon, life is a constant flow of things to see, people to meet, and new places to explore.

As an Air Moon ruled by Mercury, Gemini moves fast. It’s constantly on the lookout for new stimuli to explore and new information to digest. Self-care for a Gemini Moon is social. You nurture yourself through mental activity, social interaction and following your curiosity.

Pack a small bag and go explore some cool spots in a new neighbourhood. Get together with a group of friends and catch up on all the latest life updates.

Anything that involves networking and bringing people together will leave a Gemini Moon feeling happy and fulfilled. One small piece of advice: be mindful of your tendency to gossip. Try to rise above this lunar instinct and use your incredible communication skills to network healthily instead. 

Cancer Moon 

Heart of the Nurturer 

The Moon is ruled by Cancer, and with the Moon in the sign of the Great Mother, your lunar instincts are strong.

As a Water sign, Cancer is naturally at home when dealing with lunar activities. Emotional nurturing is like second nature for you. You have a tendency to step into the role of the mother in most situations you’re in, making sure that everyone is fed and well cared for.

Self-care for you is found in the act of nurturing, both yourself and the people you love. Creating a cozy environment at home, nourishing yourself with home cooked meals, and allowing yourself the space to process your ever-changing emotions is key for you, Cancer Moon.

It’s important to get in touch with your deep range of emotions. Just like the Moon waxes and wanes, your feelings are ever-flowing. Don’t be afraid to feel them. 

Leo Moon 

Heart of the Entertainer

Leo is often referred to as the sign of the Heart. Ruled by the Sun, Leo radiates warmth, joy and presence.

With a Moon in Leo, you are naturally playful and big-hearted. Your smile can light up a room, and your warm sense of humour makes everyone feel comfortable. But you need to be seen and recognized, in order to feel fully like yourself — and this can sometimes lead you to seek validation from the wrong places.

Self-care for a Leo Moon always involves self-expression: how can you tap into your heart, your soul, the seat of your creative individuality? In what ways can you fuel the fire of your own flame? Find ways to dramatically express yourself, and do it fully for you.

Building the self-confidence to show up in your purest expression is the greatest act of self-care a Leo Moon can do. 

Virgo Moon 

Heart of the Healer

With the Moon in the earthy, adaptable sign of Virgo, you have some special lunar skills at your hands, and you will be sure to use them.

As the Earth sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a naturally skillful, dexterous, and intelligent sign. With a Moon in Virgo, you are drawn to acts of service and problem-solving. You will happily drop what you’re doing to try and help someone — in fact, feeling helpful is emotionally fulfilling for you.

Self-care for a Virgo Moon often involves skillfully applying yourself to help others, which fills you with a true sense of purpose. How can you use your unique set of skills to help people solve problems? Try to find ways that you can be of service to others. Maybe it’s helping someone fix something. Or giving helpful advice on a topic you’re an expert at.

Whatever it is, just be sure to be kind to yourself if things don’t turn out perfectly. With your instincts to constantly optimize, there can be a tendency to be overly self-critical. 

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  1. But what about Libra Moon? Isn’t that me?

    On Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 8:29 AM Emma Ilaqua Astrology wrote:

    > emmailaqua posted: ” While the Sun symbolizes our outward, goal-oriented > expression, the Moon seeks to make us feel safe and emotionally secure. We > can’t achieve our goals if we don’t have a safe emotional foundation. > Nurturing our Moon is like parenting our own inner child,” >


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