Self-Care For Your Moon Sign: Part 2 (Libra-Pisces)

It’s part 2 of our Self Care for the Moon Signs series, and here we dive into the last 6 signs in the Zodiac Wheel: Libra-Pisces.

While the first 6 signs of the Zodiac (Aries-Virgo) are often considered the “personal signs”, dealing with matters of the self and the immediate environment, the last 6 signs (Libra-Pisces) are known as the “social signs”.

As we journey through the second half of the Zodiac Wheel, we’ll look at the unique needs of these Moon signs, and the best ways to nurture them through acts of self-care.

Libra Moon

Heart of the Lover

Libra is all about partnerships, and with the Moon in Libra, your relationships are incredibly important to you. As an Air sign, Libra is a naturally sociable sign — you’re at your best when you’re communicating and sharing ideas with others.

With a Moon in Libra, you are incredibly charming, and you have a social intuition that runs deep. When you walk into a room, your instinct is to smooth out any imbalances, keeping the peace in any social situation you’re in.

You need harmony and social tranquility in order to feel comfortable and relaxed, so you tend to avoid loud confrontations or intense feelings at all costs.

As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is drawn to aesthetics, beauty and pleasure. You have a special eye for art and a natural vision to bring beautiful things to life.

With a Moon in Libra, self-care for you is social. Get dressed up and go out to dinner at your favourite restaurant with a friend. Or enjoy a night of painting and creating, tapping into your natural artistic abilities and playing with aesthetics.

Allowing yourself to get lost in a good conversation or a creative project can help ground and centre you. Just try to be mindful of the occasional tendency to start new projects or relationships without following through.

Scorpio Moon

Heart of the Transformer

As the fixed water sign, Scorpio is often considered the sign of ‘boiling water’, because it has an inner depth and emotional attunement unlike any other sign.

As a Scorpio Moon, you’re fiercely private and self-protective. You often feel things so intensely that it can be difficult for you to open up and be comforted through emotional connection with others. 

You’re incredibly intelligent and investigative. You’re a master observer: with a penetrating mind, you can read people in an almost psychic way.

Your intuition is so great that it may sometimes lead to a little bit of anxiety and paranoia. You may find yourself drawn to the occult, the mysterious, and the psychological. 

Self-Care for you, Scorpio Moon, means nurturing this deep and private place within you. Grab an interesting book and learn about the inner workings of the mind. Tap into your intuition through journaling or meditation. Don’t be afraid to explore the depth and intensity that you’re drawn to.

And when it comes to your emotions, hold space for yourself to properly feel them without fear, allowing them to transform you. You have a special gift for healing and transformation when you tap into the deep wells of your psyche. And when you’re ready to open up to others, you have the power to help them transform themselves, too.

Sagittarius Moon

Heart of the Philosopher

As the Jupiter-ruled Fire sign, Sagittarius is known as the wildfire of the zodiac. Broad-minded, restless, and always up for adventure, Sagittarius’ inspiration knows no bounds.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, you have the heart of an explorer, traveling to far-reaching places both mentally and physically. You are forever on a search for meaning and truth. You’re never quite satisfied with the humdrum existence of regular life. In your heart, you feel a constant inkling that there’s something more.

You’ve got a sense of inner faith and intuition that the things will always work out, which makes you a great friend (and travel buddy).

Self care for you needs to be expansive, taking you out of the day to day and pushing you towards something bigger.

Pack a bag and take yourself on an adventure, whether it’s overseas or just a weekend getaway. Read a book that inspires you, or encourages you to unpack the Big Questions in life. Connect with someone from a different culture, taking the time to see the world through their perspective.

Be like the wildfire spreading wisdom and curiosity wherever you go, and don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned. Just be careful of the tendency to occasionally ‘put your foot in your mouth’ — a classic Sagittarian blunder.

Capricorn Moon

The Heart of the Advisor

With a Capricorn Moon, your stoicism and determination is admirable. You have an incredible sense of personal responsibility, with your eyes always set firmly on the prize.

With an instinct to climb figurative mountains, you stop at nothing to achieve your goals. But your earnest approach to life can, at times, be at odds with the emotional needs of the Moon. 

You may feel like you struggle to open up and be vulnerable with others. It’s not that you don’t feel deeply. It can just be difficult for you to allow yourself the time and space to nurture your emotions.

You may have a tendency to restrict yourself from expressing intense emotions. But, on the flip side, you have incredible emotional boundaries and are not easily taken advantage of. You don’t often fall into unhealthy patterns of codependency in your relationships. 

Self-care for you, Capricorn Moon, might look like dedicating yourself to your own self-mastery. Set a goal that you’re excited about, and work towards it with a step-by-step approach. Take time to discover what motivates you, beyond the expectations of society. Invest in your own future by working on a new skill.

Lay out long term goals for yourself, and find pride in each step you conquer. And don’t be afraid to open up and share the process with your loved ones. Remember that they fully support you, no matter where you’re at. 

Aquarius Moon

Heart of the Genius

With the Moon in Aquarius, there’s always been something a little bit different about you.

As an Aquarius Moon, you are highly intelligent, friendly and sociable but also require ample alone time to explore the world and your endless curiosities. You are often soaring 10,000 feet above, observing everything from a detached perspective.

Because you think so much, you have a high level of self-awareness. Your instinct is to intellectualize your emotions.

You investigate a feeling and try to figure out where it’s coming from, before expressing it or sharing it with others. But this can, at times, cause you to feel a little disconnected and misunderstood.

There’s something otherworldly about you. A quirkiness that others can’t fully understand. 

As an Aquarius Moon, self-care for you is intellectual. You need space to nourish your mind and explore the things that interest you. Watch a good documentary. Read a book on a topic that fascinates you. Share your unique perspectives with friends and help them expand their own worldview.

With your intelligence and open mind, you have a special gift for humanitarianism — try to find a way to give back to the community. As you soar 10,000 feet above the rest of us, don’t forget to touch down from time to time and open your heart to others.

Pisces Moon

Heart of the Mystic

With a Moon in Pisces, you are empathetic, imaginative, creative, and deeply compassionate.

Your heart is wide open, all the time. You love unconditionally, and you constantly feel connected to the oneness of the universe. But because you’re so open, you may struggle with emotional boundaries. 

Your heart is like the ocean, vast and ever-flowing — emotions may wash over you sometimes, and they might not even feel like your own. You are likely an empath, and you feel so connected to others that you tend to take on the weight of their feelings.

There’s something mystical about you, almost psychic. But this can lead you to patterns of escapism: without strong boundaries to keep things out, you try to lose yourself in some form of escape.

Self-care for you, Pisces Moon, involves connecting with your empathy, creativity and spirituality. Open up the deep well of compassion you have and connect with your loved ones. Find ways to tap into your intuition through spiritual practices like meditation.

You have an otherworldly gift for creativity: music and art can be very soothing for you. So can a hug with your pet or a loved one. Try to avoid the trap of endless escapism while allowing yourself to feel things deeply, but remember to protect your heart in the process.

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