New Moon in Cancer 2021: A Time For Self-Healing

The New Moon in Cancer is on July 9th at 9:17 PM EST, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your roots and emotional needs. 

Cancer is all about emotional nurturing, family bonds and ancestral connection. As the only sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer has a special kind of lunar magic. The Moon symbolizes the archetype of the mother, and Cancer shows us the power of unconditional love and nurturance.

You’ll probably be feeling a little more compassionate, empathetic and sensitive with this New Moon. And maybe a little moody, too.

New Moons are always a time to go inward and reflect.

With each New Moon, we have the opportunity to get in touch with ourselves and our intentions for the next lunar cycle. And with a New Moon in Cancer, we are working with some emotional themes: our past, our self-nurturance, and our capacity for self-healing.

This New Moon symbolizes a new beginning for how we relate and reflect on ourselves, how we regard our emotions and sensitivity, and how we experience the home and our family. 

Cancer reminds us the importance of nurturing ourselves.

With this New Moon, we have the chance to connect with our inner safe haven—the sense of emotional security and wellbeing that we know we can always return to. From there, we can confidently emerge out of our shells and into the world. 

As the Cardinal Water sign, Cancer feels things deeply; and with this New Moon, we’re invited to learn how to ride the waves of our own emotions.

This is a New Moon that may leave us feeling a little moody. The key is to allow ourselves to feel the depth of our emotions, without being swept up in the tides

This New Moon is extra-sensitive.

Forming a loose trine to dreamy Jupiter in Pisces, it’s a great time to reflect deeply on your emotional nurturance: how you care for your emotions, your self-compassion and your goals for self-care. It’s a powerful moon for personal emotional growth.

Your emotions may be a little heightened over the weekend, and it’s good opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your feelings. Cozy up, make a tea, grab your journal or take a bath—create that safe haven, and feel all the feels. 

Embrace the soft and comforting energy of this Cancer New Moon, fill your cup with self-love, and you’ll be ready to show up in your full radiance for Leo Season on July 23.

Here are some journal prompts to help you tap into the watery, reflective energy of this powerful New Moon.

  1. How can I connect with and honour my past as I move forward towards my goals? 
  2. What qualities are most important to me in a home? When do I feel most “at home”?
  3. What acts of self-care make me feel most calm and comforted?
  4. In what ways might I be sacrificing my own self-care to provide for others?
  5. Is there anything more I can be doing to support my own emotional needs?
  6. Are there traditions from my past or cultural upbringing that I’d like to honour, but haven’t been?
  7. Alternatively, are there any familial or generational patterns I recognize in my family, that I don’t want to repeat?

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