What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationship Style

When it comes to compatibility, we often think of looking at our Sun signs to see if we’re a good match in relationships. But here’s the thing: it’s only one part of the story.

In matters of love and attraction, we should be looking closely at Venus. Named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus rules romance, pleasure and relationships. 

Where it falls in your birth chart (AKA the sign it was in the moment you were born) says a lot about how you love, the kinds of partners you’re attracted to, and the kinds of people who are attracted to you. It’s the most important planet for relationship compatibility. 

So let’s take a look at Venus through the signs. Read on to see what your Venus sign says about your relationship style—and your ideal love language

Venus in Aries

With Venus in Aries, you’re comin’ in hot. Aries is known for its independence, courage and competitiveness, and if this is your Venus sign, you bring a fiery vibe to your relationships. 

People are naturally drawn to your confidence and drive—you don’t walk into a room unnoticed. 

You crave a romance filled with passion, energy and adventure. You need a partner with a zest for life and an appreciation for a little friendly competition. 

You do best in relationships that are direct and honest, when you can be your most authentic self. But compromise isn’t always your strong suit in matters of love, so try to remember to be sensitive to your partner’s needs. 

Your Love Language: Acts of Service. You show love through action, and you crave the same from your partners.

Venus in Taurus

You crave peace and serenity in your relationships, and you love to be physically close to your partner. Getting cozy and comfortable, cuddling at home with a good movie is your ideal Friday date night. 

You have a slow, steady approach to relationships, and you’re not one to dive into new flings without taking your time. People are naturally attracted to your peaceful, chill vibe. 

You’re an incredibly loyal lover. Once you find the right person, you commit yourself fully to them. You have the ability to build long, lasting bonds. 

And you don’t like to be rushed, so you need a partner who is fully accommodating of this laidback pace. You can be a little stubborn with your needs, which may lead to some disagreements, but ultimately you’ve got a serene nature that helps balance it out.

Your Love Language: Receiving Gifts. You appreciate the finer things in life, and you love to be spoiled. 

Venus in Gemini 

With Venus in Gemini, you can be hard to pin down. You crave freedom to meet and interact with as many people as you can, and that can make it hard for you to stay committed to one long-term partnership.

In any case, your ideal partner is someone you can talk to and learn with—someone who can keep up with your quick wit and packed social calendar.

You can be a little bit fickle in matters of love, because you tend to change your mind very quickly. But dating you is always an adventure, because you’re constantly up to try new things. 

Your natural charisma and charm attract many people to you, and you learn a lot from the people you meet. 

Your Love Language: Words of Affirmation. You’re good with your words, and you appreciate a partner who is, too. 

Venus in Cancer

Sweet, sensual and endlessly sentimental, you’re a compassionate partner who craves emotional connection. 

You like to feel safe and secure in your relationship, so you need a partner who is ready to commit. Casual flings and open relationships probably aren’t your thing. 

You can be a little moody at times, but it’s just because you are protecting your heart. In fact, you tend to be a little guarded in a new relationship, but when you feel safe, you open up your full depth and endearing vulnerability. 

When you love, you love good. You’re a highly attentive, understanding and dependable partner, who will do anything for the one you love. 

Love Language: Quality Time. More than anything, you crave emotional connection, and it’s best felt through quality time spent with your partner. 

Venus in Leo

Leo is the sign of the Heart, and with Venus in Leo, you are a very passionate partner who—above all else—loves love. A bold, passionate and fiery lover, you have a natural charisma that turns heads. 

You’re a romantic at heart, so you love the experience of falling in love. Wining and dining, getting dressed up for date night, making dramatic shows of affection are your thing

You crave attention from your lover, but if you don’t feel valued or appreciated in a relationship, you may try to find it elsewhere. The best relationships for you are the ones that always have that romantic, first-date feel: you need to keep the passion alive. 

If you don’t get the attention you crave, you can act sulky and a little childish. But when you’re in, you’re in: you are fiercely loyal and protective of your partner. 

Your Love Language: Words of Affirmation. You like to be worshipped, so you need lots of loving compliments and acknowledgement from your partner.

Venus in Virgo

When it comes to love, Virgo is not the most romantic sign—preferring practicality over grand romantic gestures and over the top affection. 

With Venus in Virgo, you know what you want in a relationship and you won’t settle. You can be a little reserved when you’re getting to know someone, taking time to assess the situation before you jump all in. You like to gather the details and cautiously approach the relationship. 

But once you’re in, you’re in: you are an incredibly committed and dedicated partner, who will do anything for the ones you love. 

You can become a little nit picky in relationships, because your attention to detail is so strong (you notice everything, and can’t help but point it out). But you also take the time to learn all your partners preferences and intricacies, which makes you a great partner. 

Your Love Language: Acts of Service. You would drop anything to help your partner, and you really appreciate the same. 

Venus in Libra 

Venus is in it’s home sign here in the elegant, charming sign of Libra, so if you’ve got this placement in your birth chart, you’re a true romantic at heart. 

You instinctively crave relationships—you don’t like to stay single for long. You’re happiest when you’re one half of a partnership, and your natural charm tends to attract a lot of potential lovers. 

You have a social grace and natural diplomacy that makes you a great partner, and you need harmony in your relationships. No big fights or explosive drama in your life, thank you very much. You like to keep the peace with your lover, and you have no problem compromising to avoid conflict and confrontation.

But, this can lead to patterns of codependency: you can lose yourself in your relationship as you constantly compromise to keep the peace, which ultimately ends up causing tension. 

Your Love Language: Quality time. More than anything, you just want a partner who you can share your life with. 

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio, you crave soul-bonding relationships where you can share your deepest feelings and observations about the world without fear. 

You’re not here for the shallow, superficial stuff. You want to know your partner’s secrets, to crack them open and understand what makes them tick.

At first, you’re hard to get to know and can be a bit private when meeting new people, but when you feel safe to open up, you go all in. And there’s something magnetic about you that people can’t resist. A passion and sexuality that penetrates hearts and makes you irresistible. And very good in bed. 

But your relationships can be intense. You can become jealous and possessive, which may lead to tumultuous, drama-filled love affairs. But you’re also incredibly loyal, protective and deep, and one of the most committed partners—once you let your guard down.

Your Love Language: Physical Touch. You’re a passionate lover who craves the closest connection with your partner. 

Venus in Sagittarius

You’re probably known by many as “The One That Got Away”.

With an appetite for adventure and exploring new things, you’re a hard one to pin down. You have a zest for life that drives you to far-reaching places, and you love to explore the hearts and minds of new people. 

You have a sense of optimism and faith that no matter what, things in your romantic life will work out—so you don’t obsess much over your flings. 

You are a naturally charismatic and attractive person, with a fun, flirty personality and a hilarious sense of humour that makes you quite irresistible. But you’re also easily distracted and may have a tendency to slip away when things get difficult or too intense in a relationship. 

At your heart, you desire to be free. You need a partner who can accept that. And hopefully keep up. 

Your Love Language: Receiving Gifts. You love receiving a one-of-a-kind, totally thoughtful gift.

Venus in Capricorn 

While you may not be the most passionately romantic person, your dependability and commitment make you an amazing partner. With a calm, cool and collected vibe, people are naturally attracted to you. 

You’re in it for the long haul: you’re not about brief flings or fleeting romances. It takes you a while to warm up to new people (you need to test it out and make sure they’ve got integrity and ambition). But once you commit to someone, you’re all in. 

You’re attracted to people who, like you, have a vision for their life and long-term goals. Together, you can create a life that provides you stability—and lots of opportunities for real-world success. 

Here’s the thing: you’re striving towards big goals, so you want a partner who is doing the same. Bonus points if you feel like you can show them off a little. You’re far from shallow, but maybe a little image conscious.

Your Love Language: Acts of Service. You recognize the value of hard work, so you feel extra-appreciated when someone does it on your behalf.

Venus in Aquarius

In relationships, you’re looking for someone who can be both your friend and your lover. You’re not the most romantic person: you tend to value a good conversation over grand romantic gestures. You’re passionate about your quirky interests, and it’s important for your partner to be, too. 

You’re not one for public displays of affection or super-mushy, sentimental talk. This can make you seem a little aloof at times, and people may mistake you for being emotionally distant. 

More than anything, you need a partner who you can easily communicate with, talk about the world and share all your unique inner musings. And you need your freedom: to roam the world and the depths of your own mind. 

You can be a little eccentric and rebellious—and for you, the best partners are the ones who celebrate that, rather than make you fit into a box. 

Your Love Language: Words of Affirmation. You’re happiest when you’re engaged in deep conversation with your partner. 

Venus in Pisces

The true romantic of the Zodiac, with Venus in Pisces you are endlessly idealistic, dreamy and compassionate. When you love, you love with your whole heart. 

You crave deep connection in your relationships: lots of cuddling and physical touch, quality time spent together, bonding emotionally and spiritually. 

You’re so nice that it can be hard for you to say no to people. But this can lead you into unhealthy relationships with people that take advantage of you. Or patterns of codependency, which cause you to stay in relationships that aren’t healthy for you.

You have an extreme sensitivity with the ones you love, so it’s easy for you to get confused in relationships—and take on feelings that aren’t your own. You have a big heart, and you put it all on the line for someone you love, so it’s important to find someone who reciprocates that. And once you find your person, you will love them like no other.

Your Love Language: Quality Time. More than anything, you want to share your life with your partner and bond with them on the deepest level.

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