July 2021 Full Buck Moon in Aquarius: An Electrified Sky

This Friday, July 23 at 10:36 PM EST, there will be a Full Moon at 1° Aquarius. Expect big themes to surface about individual self expression and authenticity. 

Leo Season is starting out with a bang this year. After the Sun ingresses to Leo on Friday July 23, the night sky will be illuminated with the Full Moon in Aquarius. It’s the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius this year, a rare event that will culminate with the Blue Moon on August 24.

So, what can we expect for this first Full Moon in our two-part series? Lot’s of electrifying inspiration, a desire to embrace our authenticity, and a little bit of healthy rebelliousness.  

Symbolism of Full Moons

  1. Things coming to light. Think: inevitable truths that can’t hide in the shadows any longer.
  2. Culminations of events. Because the Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle.
  3. Balancing and integrating opposing perspectives, as the Sun and the Moon face off in opposition. 

Full Moons happen when the Moon is at its very brightest, as the light of the Sun reflects its surface. They can feel a little emotionally intense and often lead to a release as we gain new revelations. But with a Full Moon in Aquarius, it feels a little different. 

Aquarius is an intellectual sign with a tendency to detach emotionally, so with this Full Moon we might not feel as sensitive as some others (looking at you, Cancer New Moon).

But, it’s a powerful time to get in touch with our true selves and our vision for the future while focusing on personal growth.

Aquarius is all about individualism and the freedom to be yourself.

While the world constantly tries to make us conform, Aquarius marches to the beat of its own drum. The true rebel of the Zodiac, Aquarius reminds us of the transformative power that comes when we’re totally, unapologetically being ourselves. 

As we find the inner courage to embrace our eccentricities, we get closer to living our own truth. 

If you’re looking to work with the energy of this electrifying Full Moon, here are 3 ways you can tap into it.

Reflect back to what you were feeling (and envisioning) in December 2020.

This Full Moon activates 1° Aquarius—a significant spot in the cosmos this year, because it’s almost the exact degree that Jupiter and Saturn met up in the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020. 

So, it carries the personal and collective themes that were formed with this momentous astrological event. 

Think back to December 2020, and try to recall the things that were coming up for you at that time. Were there any dreams or ideas that you had envisioned for yourself at this time—things that felt possible but distant? A vision of a future you could imagine, but weren’t quite ready for? 

This Full Moon is re-activating these themes, showing you what’s possible. Aquarius is a forward-thinking sign and with this lunation, we’ve got the chance to tap into that visionary, futuristically intuned energy. Check in and see if there are new things that coming to light right now that may bring you closer to that larger vision.

Stay connected to the wider perspective (and be tolerant of other views). 

The chart for this Full Moon is filled with oppositions: Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn; Jupiter in Pisces opposing Venus in Virgo; the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius. 

With so much dynamic, conflicting energy in the sky, things can feel a little intense. We may feel a little defensive, stubborn and challenged over the next few days. 

And, both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, known to be pretty set in their ways. While Aquarius is always connected to the wider perspective, it can be quite headstrong in its views. But at its highest expression, it’s the sign that encourages us to be open to all possibilities and ideas.

So, with this Full Moon, it’s important to stay connected to the bigger picture. Try to avoid getting caught up in petty disagreements. Do what you can to be tolerant of other viewpoints and remember that everything in life is a matter of perspective. 

Find ways to empower yourself to be shamelessly, unapologetically you. 

At its highest expression, Aquarius shamelessly embraces—and celebrates—what makes us all unique individuals. So with this Full Moon, we have a chance to boldly put our own eccentricities in the spotlight. 

Our dominant culture and society tell us how we should act, and what behaviours or interests are deemed appropriate. And our success often feels hinged on conforming to those expectations. So embracing our true, weird selves can feel like a major risk. 

But imagine a world where everyone not only lived, but celebrated their individuality. That’s what Aquarius envisions. And with this Full Moon, we can embrace this idealistic energy by making the choice to reveal our most authentic, quirky expression

Instead of conforming with the crowd for validation, give yourself permission to be you. Be fearless with your weirdness. Find courage to step outside of the status quo. 

This Full Moon in Aquarius, let your freak flag fly.

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